Perfect tea enjoyment for every palate.

Exclusive enjoyment
with HAS-TEE since1994 .

A good tea develops its full flavor only through a fine selection. Controlled cultivation according to ecological standards and a selection of tea leaves at the right harvest time, which are completely preserved. This leaf grade distinguishes HAS-TEE.

Classic black tea production for the best taste.

Wir setzen bei unserer Schwarzteeherstellung auf die klassische Herstellungsmethode, die sogenannte "orthodoxe Methode" .

+ Withering

Here the leaf is rid 30% of its humidity, to get the tea leaves soft and to be able to roll them later.


+ Rolling

While rolling the tea leaf cells are broken and the cell sap reacts with the oxygen in the air (Oxidation).


+ Fermentation

Fermentation is an oxidation and process that takes place in a special room for a total of 2/3 hours and at 40C air temperature.